Saturday, 17 March 2018



Morning tasks done - time to have a lazy afternoon,

Friday, 2 March 2018


FULL MOON BROUGHT A LITTLE CHAOS into our lives last night.

I make a point of making sure my animals are inside before dark each night, but Mum Tara decided last night that she would ignore the call of 'biscuits' to come inside and it was really dark when I heard her calling out that she wanted to come inside. Her kittens heard her too and as I went towards the door to let her in, they found their cage door wasn't properly clicked shut so they were out, exploding everywhere and over a very startled dog. Meg, the  5 month old kitten decided she was going to be in on the act, so first, she was scooped up and put into her cage, then catch the kittens - done !! - open the door to let yelling Mum in, but what the...!!!

Tara brings gifts 
She has a rat wriggling in her mouth. Time to teach/wean her babies, she has decided. 'No, no , no - take it outside,' and I am shushing her through the house towards the lounge door away from dog, kitten and her babies all trying to reach her....getting her through the lounge with a couple of oops on the way of rat being dropped, it running, being caught again  ( I think it was encouragement I was saying through gritted teeth ) and finally I get Mum and rat back outside.

It took until midnight with her going back and forth, from door to door calling her kittens saying that she had yummy food for them, and the kittens calling back that they wanted their Mum, before she gave in. Ratless she was allowed inside and was given her special treat biscuits as promised. Time now for me to go out and turn on the electric fence..

which by the way - (crossed fingers) that "mickey-mouse" electric fence is working well and after 3 days the possums have given in and it seems most of the rats have found the bait station as well.

Sunday, 25 February 2018



is how the saying goes, but in my case lately, it is more like " If the Job is Worth Doing," then it is Worth Doing - (even badly).

The glasshouse for one reason or another just had the new tomato seedling plonked in, the vegetable garden was left to lie fallow as I anticipated the early drought and planted some salad veges into tubs on the deck instead - and yet it is amazing what did grow and produced.

The cat had her kittens and the new kitten had arrived without me having separate housing for them, like I did years ago when I bred fancy cats -

  and then there is the possum problem out here on the Island and I decided no longer were they and the rats going to strip my pear trees of fruit. When small farming I had quite a superior mains electric fence system in place - this time? See the pic - I got in a small portable solar electric fence unit and rigged it up with what I had  ( I'll get some more standards and decent wire when I go to the Mainland next) and at the same time the rat bait station was loaded up. Why didn't I do it years ago? 100% success within 2 days and I am going to get lots of pears this year.

The point I am making is that if I had waited until the conditions, equipment, preparation, money had been done properly first then I would have lost the fun of getting on and doing it now - even if the results are not perfect.. and as we get older there is the thought of running out of time to achieve something you really want to do on that shiny bucket list.

Somehow we coped and those little time-waster kittens,  Siamese mum  x  Ragdoll dad
are going to be 6 weeks old in a matter of hours: they are using their litter box most of the time now and are eating their special kitten food as they are being slowly weaned. I think it is at 8 weeks they get their first immunisation shot and by then they'll be fully weaned and ready to go into new arms to be cuddled.  Pictures below: again a case of let's grab a photo if we can with the phone - not so clear yet because they move so fast and when I get my friend around to hold them still for me then I'll use the proper camera. Un, deux trois  in order of being born - I can't give any of them a real name because then I'll be tempted to keep it.


Monday, 5 February 2018


Tara is being an excellent Mum.
THE KITTENS ARE GROWING. I thought you may like to see them as they seem to be taking up a  lot of my day at the moment, and probably for a while to come. Meg, the older kitten is now 4    months old and her half brothers and sister (same dad ) are four weeks old tomorrow -  and as you'll see below in the video, they were thinking about climbing out of their bed  - so this week it was time to transfer them over to their holding cage. Brie, the dog, and Meg spend a lot of time rough-housing.  Taking photographs of kittens is like taking photographs of fish swimming - nearly impossible  not having a second person to hold them.

Meg - Chocolate Burmese Mum and Bengal Dad

Brie copes with Meg